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Optimizing Picking Systems. PTL vs. PTV

Picking systems describes the process in which a warehouse takes to select and pull items from inventory to fulfill a customer’s order. It is…

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Comparing the 3D Printing Methods

When looking at 3D Printing, there are several methods that a company can consider, depending on the needs of a company. For this analysis,…

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Purpose and competitive advantage of CW and FTZ

The purpose of a customs warehouse is to provide companies with the chance to store imported goods under customs control while deferring the…

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3D Printing vs. Injection Molding

One of the biggest developing technologies emerging in the modern era is 3D printing, an additive form of manufacturing that seeks to alter the…

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Customs Warehousing and Free Trade Zones – Case Study

When it comes to assessing the lowest costs, a product must be selected in order to obtain more concrete figures. A good case study to analyze…

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Customs Warehousing and Free Trade Zones

In the current free market, there are some options an exporter may take to ensure they produce their products efficiently and cost-effectively.…

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Agriculture – Case study (part 2)

As concluded in our last report, there are 4 key aspects triggering a constant decrease in our clients’ sales. The approach to these key aspects…

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Agriculture – Case Study

Markets Dynamics is about constant change in several directions: clients’ needs change, competitors move their offers, new technologies are…

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