for providing experience, concreteness and high ROI

We combine Analytics, Technology, and Consulting

Into two unique methodologies, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients beyond economic achievements.

Our Data Analysts bring a unique approach

To the mass analysis of internal data of the company, combining it with data from their immediate environment, B2B or B2C.

We propose specific management improvements

That have a clear impact on EBIT. Including scenarios of short-ROI – less than 1 year – and medium-term- less than 2 years.

Our referenced consultants implemented the proposed ideas

Involving and training their collaborators to incorporate a new know-how.

We are committed to results

looking for formulas of fees according to economic results or 100% deliverables.

More than 10 years of experience

Regional and global projects in complex organizational environments.

Facts & Figures


of experience in projects


of expenses optimized by the partners


of personal references

1. Consultants focused on change

2. Senior teams equipped with technical and organizational knowledge

3. Possibility of cost control software with additional levels of detail to the ERP

+20 years optimizing costs, working with CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CPOs.

Projects of Spanish, European and global scope.

Consultants with international profiles, multidisciplinary experience and focused on success.

Mastery of data technology with in-house solutions and own consulting methodology.

Mastery of 6 languages and training in reference schools such as IESE, ESADE, Polytechnic schools…

Analytics and consulting with concrete results

Let's move forward!

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