Market Research Project


A company specializing in fertilizers for organic farming, with a dominant presence in Europe and willing to go into expanding markets, given the saturation of the European market and the idleness of their product lines.

The Marketing Director expressed his need to carry out an extensive project, from the identification of markets to meetings with specialized distributors. An important detail: This project was associated with success in stages, leaving a part for the transformation in sales.

The goal was to obtain technical and market-aware partners that would allow steady sales growth, first with the saturated lines, then with the potential product lines.


The flowing phases occurred during the project:


Products whose lines had an idle capacity were limited, collecting all commercial and sales data, as well as all related markets: crops, plantation type, and environment variables.


We collected all the conditions and elements of the ideal market and came to these conclusions:

  • Market with limited or no direct competition
  • Top sales potential of 10 million euros
  • Target prices with 20% higher margins to those applied in Europe

From there, using the previous information of the target crops, we presented to the client a selection of 3 countries from an analysis of 11 countries we conducted using their cultivation data.  More than 40 million lines from 25 tables, using government statistical data and business data from corporate associations.


Ahead Analytics scanned the market by identifying alternative competitors (other products serving the same need), sectoral associations, cooperatives, local fairs and end-customers.


The results indicated that:

  • Our client should establish regional agreements to cover the entire geography
  • Should establish two sales channels: direct – with a commercial partner – for large agricultural producers, and for distribution with small and medium producers.


Validated the profiles of potential partners, we disclosed the agenda so a commercial team could probe for possible partnerships, along with a report we made including common points of interest.

Data Analysis

Ahead studied the sector where the company operates and identified the main players for each crop.



Through public government data, crop production data in tonnes per year were investigated. The following images show some examples of how Ahead studies the countries in which the client companies operate. The charts show the distribution in Brazil of two types of crop; Melons and tomatoes.

Melons 0.3 MT
Tomatoes 1.5 MT
Sum of tons 5.123.782,00 MT


Ahead Analytics

  • Presented a comprehensive statistical study of the country´s potential market
  • Made an assessment of the acceptance of the project in the market
  • Identified competitors and products in the sector
  • Made the identification and sale of the company´s brand to potential distributors
  • Localized customers of major producers per market statement (customer target)
  • Designed and proposed a distribution strategy

Analytics and consulting with concrete results

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