Business Cases

Projects description and results

Cost Optimization

Logistics and waste management project

We carried out a cost optimization project with more strategic objectives. The savings were used to finance a project that would help them gain a global vision, practical in-house improvements, continuing with a decentralized but coordinated management style, giving weight to transversal positions at the same plants.

Ahead Analytics made the proposals and implemented them on all fronts, including the optimization of costs for operations, and a change in management philosophy for the company.

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Market Research

Comprehensive market expansion project

The Marketing Director expressed his need to carry out an extensive project, from the identification of markets to meetings with specialized distributors. An important detail: This project was associated with success in stages, leaving a part for the transformation in sales.

The goal was to obtain technical and market-aware partners that would allow steady sales growth, first with the saturated lines, then with the potential product lines.

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Rate Discrepancies

Integration strategy, identify discrepancies and recovery auditing

A company in the chemical sector that sells in multiple markets including consumer goods, automobiles, construction, energy, agriculture, electricity and paper.

In recent years it has made series of acquisitions to complement their presence in the European market, resulting in a large entity with 3 separate systems of management that is difficult to integrate.

Within this strategy, the client asked Ahead to identify the best way of integration in the codification of SKUs and references, as well as to carry out an audit for the last 5 years of the payments made in the acquired companies in order to identify discrepancies and recover them.

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