Processes and Results

that add value to your company

Cost optimization

We increase EBIT between 0.5 and 1.5 points by optimizing costs, applying a Lean vision to the organization and external services.

We complement and support the purchasing department by questioning the paradigms in the definition of need, working transversally with logistics, factories, commercial and finance.

We provide a complete functional vision that includes internal costs, external costs, and eliminating duplicate charges.

Market Research

We explore massive amounts of data from institutions, governments and private firms to identify new markets.

We contrast this data between different companies, identifying potential partners to conquer new segments and geographies.

We integrate an end-to-end process using expertise, statistical tools and a market research methodology, creating a path that allows for your commercial teams to act quickly.

Price Discrepancies

We verify the order of the payment process through the application of technology. We take advantage of the exercise to audit the service rates without order and then claim the discrepancies from the suppliers.

We extend the verification of discrepancies to your sales and to all contractual articles, verifying the adherence of the commercial policies.

Accounts Payable Automation

  • Invoice treatment: OCR and IDR
  • Reconciliation processes
  • Cloud Services with our matX tool

Contractual Compliance

  • Verification of full compliance with contracts
  • Environmental and Labor Legislation and Investments

Commercial Compliance

  • Rates and commercial discounts
  • Bonus & malus
  • Billing commitment
  • Intellectual property and misuse of products

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