Value creation

with own methodology.

Circular Economy

We analyze 'in situ' all environmental management of our customers. Focused on waste management, we have very clear objectives. We support under-resourced environmental teams, providing them with a real vision of the market.
With a short-term focus on obtaining higher revenues or reducing costs per waste and/or manager, we also work in the long term to achieve zero waste.

Supply Chain

We apply the Lean vision to internal and external flows, to obtain improvements that are reflected in suppliers' rates.

We complement and support the Supply Chain Department by analyzing both operations and the supplier market in search of optimization opportunities.
We work transversally with Logistics, Factory, Commercial and Finance.


We analyze the operational needs of our clients in search of functional, technical and process optimizations. We work closely with companies in the sector to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market.
We have a high level of expertise in the plastic, paper and cardboard industry where we optimize our clients' costs and operations.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are an optimization front, which, although of modest value, present high percentages of savings.

However, the greatest benefit lies in the simplification of management and even greater employee satisfaction.We optimize from factory expenses (cleaning, maintenance, waste) to marketing, IT, renting and outsourcing expenses.

Transversalidad y equipo de apoyo

  • Experience in working with management teams
  • Accompaniment in the development and implementation of actions
  • Multidisciplinary team focused on success

Expertise por categoría de gasto

  • Implementation of management improvements
  • Experts in industry products and services
  • Contribution of external vision and high knowledge of the supplier market

Best practices

  • Experience with large suppliers and niche companies
  • Knowledge of the best practices in the market
  • +20 years of shared concepts and implementations

Analytics and consulting with concrete results

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