Market Research

Markets Dynamics is about constant change in several directions: clients’ needs change, competitors move their offers, new technologies are created and new trends show up. In June 2020, we developed a market research for a mature market, Germany, focusing on fertilizers as the main product. The challenge: understand the market current trends and find new niche dealers to expand sales.


We concluded that there are 4 key aspects triggering a constant decrease in our clients’ sales: Climate change, Agritech solutions, Substitute products and change of consumer behaviors. The approach to these key aspects is to increase commercial activity and sales.

Climate change

The temperatures in Germany have had an important increase in the last couple of years. As we can see in the graphs, the last two years have been the hottest and driest in a 60 year timeline:

Companies considering adapting their existing strategies to climate changes, must change their mindset and start developing new products that may satisfy clients’ needs. In this project, the current climate evolution suggests that climate in Germany is going to get even more severe, hotter, and drier, resulting in decreasing planted surfaces.