Market Research

As concluded in our last report, there are 4 key aspects triggering a constant decrease in our clients’ sales. The approach to these key aspects is to increase commercial activity and sales.

Our research continued focusing on some of the most consumed vegetables in Germany: potatoes, strawberry, cabbage, salat, asparagus and cucumber, identifying shrinking and growing markets.


Due to climate change, farms may lose productivity, and new fruits/vegetables may appear and compete against the traditional ones. Also, society is changing, newer generations are moving to urban sites, easing a land concentration in fewer farms.

Change of crops

As shown in the graphs analyzed by Ahead Analytics, nearly most of them have a decresa in the production over the last 20 years.

Basically, the geographic part where the vegetable itself was being harvested, is a key point to analyze for commercial purposes. Furthermore, a company with this analysis go ahead with the further steps: find commercial partners and focus on customer experience.


The agriculture industry is affected by many intangible aspects such as climate change or change in customers behavior. However, it is relevant to analyze the existing market and the main crops that are sold in the domestic market. Therefore, we can state that focusing on the customer (final and intermediary) should be the key aspect.